Our Story begins, as the most impactful do, from hearing and responding to God.

Having lived, worked and surfed in the North County San Diego for the past 20 years, we have deep love for Encinitas and her surrounding communities. Our heart also breaks for the constant striving and fleeting neo-spirituality that saturates these cultures. So many are missing the true intimacy and lasting purpose the Gospel of Jesus offers. Most live without the rest that only comes with trusting Christ.

After 5+ years of being a campus pastor(s) of Flood Church Encinitas, Andy and Courtney Kelly alongside a team of trusted leaders were praying about what God has for the future of our church community that really was (and is) a family. On one hand, we love the heart of Flood Church and its call to create environments where everyone can be flooded by the Spirit of God. On the other, we recognized that it was time to lead out uniquely in our context. After a year of praying, we heard Jesus call us to become daughter church plant of Flood.

Our transition from being a campus to become a plant happened in the middle of 2020. Because of the need for social distancing, we met on Moonlight Beach for almost a year, right by the water’s edge. In Scripture, the “water’s edge” is repeatedly highlighted as a place where God calls people to trust him. Thus, we became Water’s Edge Church. Thought God's continued grace, we now meet indoors at the "Light" house on 3rd St.

Our call is the great command: to love God and others in Christ. Our mission is the great commission: to create disciples who hear and respond to God's love, thereby sharing that love in our community, city and beyond. We pray you would join us!

Join us

We currently meet on Sundays at the "Kids by the Sea Preschool" on the NW Corner of Encinitas Blvd. & Rancho Santa Fe Rd